Our aim is to supply long term accommodation perfect for local authority discharge. We provide access to a pool of properties for all housing needs.

Property Standards

A full documentation checking and verification process ensuring all properties are meeting all local authority standards and regulations.

Tenant Support

In addition to the above we offer a full sign up process ensuring the tenants are provided with all relevant documents at the sign up and support the tenant to complete Universal credit/HB change of circumstances. This allows us to ensure the landlord receives his first payment in a timely manner. We also provide a settling in support service after 2 weeks allowing us to check the property is suitable, standards are being maintained and an update on the benefits application if applicable.

Insurance Services

We offer unique insurance policies tailored to meet all local authority/landlord needs. These products are designed to cover all unexpected cost’s protecting the LA/Landlord. Rent Guarantee Policy Tenants liability Policy Landlords building insurance Please note as a local authority these can be purchased as a bundle.

Any Questions?

If you’d like to talk about our letting services with one of our Experts, please call or email our dedicated lettings team on

0330 3030 989